March 20, 2019
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8th Karaburun Science Congress

4 - 7 September 2013

Karaburun - Mordoğan / İzmir


power and solidarity

As we are going out our ways to organise 8th Karaburun Science Congress, humanity is facing the greatest exploitation, plundering and looting in the history of capitalism. We are witnessing a period during which the hegemony of the power is increasing to the utmost gradually and all forms of opposition are met solely with pure pressure, threat and attacks directly. We do remember Shakespeare saying “The time is out of joint!” Without doubt, an “in joint” time cannot exist; nevertheless, being “out of joint” seems to be, relatively, much more inherent in some periods. This is exactly what we are bound to have in our lives at present. On the side of the system, there is an attempt to remove the antagonism between labour and capital from the dusty shelves of history in favour of the capital’s triumph. Although the basic conflict of capitalism continues to deepen day by day, the power struggle of the oppressed class and social solidarity remains blank in real life circumstances.

Humanity is being restructured through pressure, violence and the dominant ideology and forced to a total submission. While fear is breaking the human mind into pieces and forcing the society to a complete recession, it turns the politicality of the oppressed just into praxis of protecting their existence, and of the scientists’ into a flock avoiding to produce the knowledge for the benefit of the society.

However, the scientist's responsibility, especially in times of fear and pressure is to produce alternative and critical knowledge and to contribute to the emancipation of the society. Accordingly, the task of the politics for the oppressed classes is to become the subject of the practice and to establish the link between thought and action via knowledge.

Not only judging the power conceptually in itself, and within its historical and social processes, but also deciding who -“how” and “what for”- will and should be in charge of power is amongst the crucial social responsibilities of the academy which is discredited recently. Taking municipality, presidency/presidentship and general elections into consideration, 2014 is going to be “the year for elections” in Turkey. Even though their quality and the content are open to discussion, elections are still the tools of determining the power and intervening in the historical-social process by establishing a connection with the masses in a politicised environment. In addition, historically, the struggle for revolution itself is an inherent part of the power debates. In this respect, besides the political subjects, the responsibility of the academics to intervene in the politics on behalf of the opposition is gaining importance for the very near future. The necessity to debunk the present power, to reveal the struggle of those having trouble with it and also to introduce the manner and nature of solidarity between them are starkly obvious. To this end, we need not only a critical but also an analytical discussion of the process targeting the power to express our simultaneous demand and fight for power against gradually increasing pressure of power and capital.

Fortunately, as a part of the ill-fate of the oppressor class, in times of such total attacks, the possibilities of making connections, sharing experiences and forming solidarities amongst the resistant increase. The structures of the power reshape themselves both against this resistance and for a better fulfilment of their required historical missions. While the relation between the capital and the power is losing its historical secrecy, all forms of formal violence turn to be an inseparable part of everyday life with their “legitimate” face.

Considering all the facts above, Karaburun Science Congress sets off to produce the knowledge of “Power and Solidarity” this year. It is worth to say, and even to claim, that amongst the unique contributions of Karaburun Science Congress is its effort to establish a relationship between science and politics by exceeding each of their own limits/walls in Turkey.

The Congress intends to provide a basis for those who try to make use of the scientific knowledge on behalf of the oppressed and the labourer, keep alternative social approaches in the constitution of social ideology against hegemonic powers alive, raise the power struggle of the oppressed by bringing the scientists together to protect the "other" and examine the social solidarity methods and forms for all.

8th Karaburun Science Congress is a call for solidarity to those who keep our history of social struggle in their minds, insist on their demand to establish the future, still walk on their own in producing the knowledge to get out of the vicious circle imposed on us today and question the forms that capitalism establishes and reproduces its power.